Target Direct® of New Hampshire and Vermont, an affilitate of Advo National Network of 95 million households, offers full service direct mail capabilities including design, prepress, printing and insertion into our shared mail program. We distribute directly into the USPS or through private delivery carriers. We also offer the option of placing your preprinted advertising piece into our direct mail program and mailing it at a substantially lower cost than if you mailed each individually.

Target Direct® was formed in 1992 and has grown to reach more than 230,000 households weekly. When direct mail is combined with a shared mail program, it becomes substantially more cost effective for you, while retaining the impact of printed advertising pieces as "stand alone", without envelopes.

Our representatives will assist you to target your ads through the use of zip code demographics and geographical characteristics available only through the direct mail media. You can reach every consumer in your market with weekly frequency, if desired. We will help you design a campaign with measurable response and real returns on your ad dollar.

Our mission is to increase commerce for our advertisers. Our commitment to your success ensures our success.

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Target Direct